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Friday, September 2, 2016

So Much for Plans

It was one of those days when you make plans and it does not happen
Today they were suppose to start laying the new flooring in the bathroom.

They came with all the flooring here but was lacking was the right adhesive for the bathroom. 

Because I live an hour from Tulsa for them to go back to the warehouse and replace the adhesive would take close to 2 1/2 hours and that would not leave enough time for them to do my floor and get to another job they had scheduled.
 So they will be back tomorrow to do the work.
I was told that this adhesive is what is considered low VOC along with the flooring. Sure hope that is right. 

I then just went to work on cleaning out the sewing room and let me tell you I have so much more than I realize just by looking at what's on the shelves. 

All I was able to get done this afternoon was packing up the fabric and moving it along with project boxes off one bookcase and the project boxes off the other bookcase.

This will go on all weekend in addition other items from other rooms.

Still sewing on binding for the ISpy quilts


  1. bugger about the floor but good to hear you started the sorting.......gooduck......

  2. What a pain. At least that gives you a bit more time to get the sewing room cleaned up.


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