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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Making Progress

OK I'm being a little optimistic here but they did get a portion of the hardwood laid. 

Doesn't it look nice and it feel so nice on my bare feet. I'm getting so excited.
What also excited me today was the fact that I was able to spend a good 6 hours in the sewing room. First I needed to pack a few more things but after that it was all sewing.

I finished another Farmer's Wife block, paper pieced (Fun - Fun) and worked on another one.

Before starting on those blocks I prep fabric for the next leader and ender project. Going to be making 3" nine-patches. Now I do not have a pattern in mind but did have a large collection of 1 1/2" strips from a project I was going to do a few years ago but have decided not to.

I could take paper piecing for only so long before I had to do something else, so I went through some fat quarters that I still had in the house and picked out a few to make a Retro Air-Ship Propeller block. Karen had shown hers the other day so figured I better decide on something so I don't get behind. Heck we just started. 

After the workers left I had to go back to Lowes and get the stain for the baseboards and new registers for the floor vents.
When I got back home it was getting late so I was only able to get a few boards stained. A start, but will get to the rest in the morning.
Till tomorrow




  1. it is hard to get quilting done while you have people working in your house I would think. I would want to keep supervising! I plan on getting my second air ship block cut out today don't know when it will get sewn but at least it will be cut and ready to pick up when I am ready.

  2. Oh, that wood looks rich and lovely!
    The paper piecing sure makes a crisp block, but I relate to only so much PP before I want something else. I LOVE the propeller block!

  3. I am inspired by your projects, all things quilting AND house and garden related. I definitely want to get the steampunk pattern! Our living room needs hardwood floors installed. We spent a week installing hardwood floor upstairs a few years ago. We have to get to it before we can't get down on the floor to do it. Love your energy and progress.


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