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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday morning

My driveway I walk.

This morning will be I expect the slowest part of my day. I've been able to take a nice walk this morning since the temperatures are just so fall like, gorgeous. The breeze feels nice and the smells,  oh it makes me so ready for Autumn. 
Then the other thing I was able to take care of was taking some time out to write this. 

I know any stitching that I'll do will be this evening, just like yesterday. 

I can say that Blake's binding is finished and now it's on to Ben's.
After writing this, it's full steam ahead I'm afraid. 
The bathroom floor finally is installed. Yesterday they didn't show up till 4 o'clock and we're here until eight putting in the new flooring.

 Looks good,
 I will have to do some touching up the paint on the walls and work on the trim a little bit but other than that I'm very pleased with how it looks. 

The walk-in closet adjacent to the bathroom is going to have wood flooring so I have to wait for the wood installer is next week. 
Just like yesterday, today will be a lot of packing and moving stuff out to the garage. This getting new flooring, it's a lot like moving if he asked me, except for you don't have to take the stuff off the walls or out of the kitchen cabinet. Other than that it seems the same. Every time I get a closet or stuff under the bed etc. moved it's like oh yeah there's this I have to move to. 

Last night I did have to open up one of the boxes of flooring to look at it and make sure it's what I thought it was what I remember, just gorgeous.
I'm keeping with my fingers crossed that the floor tile for the kitchen and pantry are going to turn out like I imagine in my mind. It's one of those things where I try to imagine it but I really won't know for sure until I see it all laid out. My concern is the tan tile is darker than I really wanted but I couldn't find anything that was exactly close and lighter to this. 

I actually wanted a more vintage look but unfortunately to do that I would probably need to go and get the vinyl tiles myself from like Lowes or Home Depot and have a whole different installer doing it and I just don't think it would've been worth the effort even though I just love that floor. 

Image result for vintage checker board kitchen floor tile

But I do like this 12 inch squares off-white and a kind of deep mustard color, set on point checkerboard.  

This is the tile that I do have and waiting to see it down. 
Later today need to go down to the hardware store get the baseboard, stain and varnish so I can start working on that for the living room and dining room. The remaining of the baseboard I'll just leave in the house seeing how it's pretty much at the same height that the flooring being replaced like carpet, tile vinyl that sort of stuff. 
Well it's time to get busy, have a great Sunday.

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  1. home redo's always take so much time don't they. everything looks great! Love that quilt was this from the quilty 365 quilt along or just happened to make a circle quilt?

  2. Your circle quilt is beautiful!!! I love it!!

  3. What a beautiful photo of where you walk and the circle quilt is gorgeous ! I had laminate put down in my dining room a few years back and yes it was something having to move everything ( Since the dining room is also where I eat, have office stuff, sew, storage of food in one cabinet etc! :)

  4. Oh I agree getting floors redone is like moving. But it is lovely when it is all done. Thanks for reminding me I need to find time to touch up baseboards in my kitchen and entry way. There always seems like something needs something when you own a home.

  5. What is going in the sewing room?
    Can not wait to see the kitchen finished

  6. Blake's quilt turned out beautifully. Lots of fun circles and bright colors. Hopefully the flooring will go quickly.

  7. Congrats! on your newly completed quilt.

  8. Your circle quilt is lovely! I noticed a fussy cut Snoopy in there! What fun! :)

  9. Love your circle quilt! I had to come investigate after you mentioned it in a comment!


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