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Saturday, September 10, 2016

PLaying Catch Up

I have been so preoccupied with getting the flooring in that I haven't taken time to write the past 2 days.
So here is a quick catch up
 The floor is not done. 
Could just leave it at that but I won't.
Some of the hardwood planks are bowed so they weren't useable, and there was an unusual amount of these boards so they are checking into getting some replacements. So until then I have half of the floor in. That half does look nice.
I was also working on staining the new baseboards, which there will be around 200 linear feet. Keeping me busy

I was able to spend some time sewing the past couple of days. 

Did finish another Farmer's Wife block and it is assembled correctly but just doesn't look right. After some thinking and studying the block I realized that after the block is sewn in, the 1/4 inch  seam allowance will make it look right. At least it I'm hoping.

Did get the first Retro Air-Ship Propeller block together and now I'm thinking about which fabrics for the next one. It is really an easy block to put together. Just in case you missed the earlier post with the links to a free pattern here it is

Yesterday I decided that I should work on finishing "Words To Live By". 

I finished attaching the setting triangles to the embroidered blocks and also
 have all the 672 HST sewn and trimmed.
 Now it's time to start putting all this together. 


  1. love all your quilt blocks!! the retro block turned out great - what size did you have it finish at. I'm on my second one - sorry the floor saga continues - hope they get it done soon!

  2. THe Retro Air-Ship Propeller block is 10" unfinished.


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