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Friday, September 2, 2016

Sewing with A Friend

I have been very fortunate to made many friends because of blogging. I haven't been able to meet any of them but that doesn't stop us from keeping up with each other. Nothings as great as sewing with friends so why not do some sewing with long distance friends. So it came about by chance through discussing a pattern Karen at Quilts...etc what trying to find out about that we are going to sewing along with each other a quilt using this block.

Image result for antique airship propeller quilt

It happens to be a pattern that has been around since the 1930's besides the update pattern by Jen Kingwell.
The original pattern was printed in 1933 in the Kansas City Star newspaper. I had a copy of this pattern which is called Air-Ship Propeller

I had a few years back while attending the Central Oklahoma Quilt Guild show I purchased a copy of the collection. This guild back in 1985 decide that they would collect the patterns and make the blocks that were printed in the Kansas City Star from 1928 thru 1961. They have a collection of these blocks they show and lend out. In addition to that they produce copies of these pattern for sale which they still sell, here is a link if interested.

While talking with Karen I googles the pattern to see what else I could find. 

There are various way to get this pattern for free or pay for a pattern or book that has it.

For free you can go to Quilters Newsletter website to download this,

Jen Kingwell had printed a pattern a few years back called Steampunk, which is still available for sell but it was also put available in the 100th issue of Quiltmania. I also happen to have that issue and maybe you do too.

And another source you might have and not knowing it was in there is the book "Treasures of the 30's"

Seeing how I've been involved with the 30's club at Sager Creek quilt shop, I have a good collection on books about 1930 quilts and I happen to have this book which is a copy of the original printed in the paper.

Now this is the pattern I'll be making, the original 10" block but I think I might set it on point, like that look.
Karen and I will show our progress as we make this quilt. We are shooting at making a couple blocks a month, no hurry, we have other projects we are working but thought this would be a fun one to do together. 
Now if you get bitten by the bug and want to make this quilt, here are many ways to get the pattern.
If you do I would love to see what you do.
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  1. although I started the first block using a stark white background I am still contemplating using a variety of neutrals that I do in some of my quilts - white on white, beige on beige etc we will see as we move along! I found a CD on amazon that has 1,000 patterns from the Kansas City Star on it it says - I order it as price was really low, not sure what format is for it though - I will find out!

  2. came over from Karen's ....I think these are applique ? I may join in :)

  3. What a great idea! I love it when the old blocks are revitalized. Can't wait to see your quilts!

    1. Thank you. It is amazing how many of these old patterns are turning up in new designs. While searching this pattern I came across a few others I would love to see made.

  4. It's fun to do quilt alongs with fellow bloggers. I did one a few years ago with Katie Mae Quilts. We were both working on cat quilts, so we weren't even using the same pattern. It does help with the accountability. Have fun!


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