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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Last month when the "little dudes" came for their visit I thought it would be fun to have little chicks for them to learn about and care for while here.

So I order 18 chicks, a variety of pullet (girls) and had them delivered the day before they arrived.

oh they are so cute and the boys were elated with them. In fact I was worried they would love them to death but all was good.

Here they are at 2 weeks

Now they are 4 weeks old and they have grown a lot, they are now getting their feather and are in what I consider the ugly stage,

not cute fuzzy chicks and not fluffy pretty hens. 

Poor things.

I don't normally get chicks this time of year cause where to keep them is a challenge. Because it's to hot in August to keep them in the garage and in the house is ok the first couple of weeks but for a little over a week now they have outgrown their box and need a bigger space and out of the house.  They do smell like stinky birds now. 

Today I looked around and all I could find was a old rabbit cage. It will work for now until this weekend. The carpet will get laid Friday and I can start moving stuff in from the garage . Then I can move them out there and hopefully most of this hot, humid temps are over.
They can not get too overheated but still need to be warm and I think it about that time. I'll have a fan out there for them just in case.

Won't be able to put them outside in the hen house for a couple more months, maybe around the first of November.


  1. I enjoyed seeing your growing chicks soon to be hens
    18 seems like a lot to me. My grandparents always had chickens ( I think they sold the extra eggs ) and they got theirs delivered by the regular mailman. We ate chicken at their house also so now that I understand how things work on a farm/ranch my guess is when a hen wasn't doing her part in egg production she came to our dinner table.
    I never got to be around the chickens they had a large coop and outdoor caged area.
    It's the rabbits I got to visit with and I would ask my grandpa if we could just keep this bunny or that bunny and not eat those. Of course we did but I never knew which rabbit we were eating.

  2. You are such a wonderful Grandma to have the chicks ready for your Grandsons visit, they certainly seemed to love them.


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