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Monday, September 12, 2016

What's up 09.12.16

This morning while I'm writing the installer just arrived and will start laying the kitchen tile. 
They said that they would have it all in today, I just wish they could of been working on finishing the hardwood. The sale rep was not there Friday and we all left messages. I hope they will replace the bowed planks soon. They told me that the carpet layers will not install the carpet until the floors are finished. Don't know what that means, will we be waiting a length of time...sure hope not. I want this to be over soon so I can get the house all back together.

I'm in the sewing room out of the way and have a couple projects to work on.

 All the embroidered/applique pieces trimmed and now it's time to start assembling a half square triangles on the "Words To Live By".

So far up on the design wall is one quarter of the corner units that need to be sewn. Figure I'll work on one quarter at a time. Its nice to see how much is completed and it's starting to look like something.

 Also need to work on the last two blocks for the Farmer's Wife month  #14. Our 30s club is meeting tomorrow evening and I need to have them done before then. Which should be no problem just because they are not paper pieced. I work so much faster when piecing and not PP.
As you can see from the picture is was printed out to be PP but I'm doing it mostly by piecing.
Other than that.... that's pretty much what I expect for today and hopefully it will be a productive day. I hope you all have a productive day also thank you for stopping by.

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  1. that quilt is looking great - too bad about the planks being bowed - I know it would have bothered me! hope they can get it done soon for you

  2. Kate!!Thank you for your inspiration and link to the Show and Tell Monday !! Bambi Hug

  3. the quilt is striking - the applique is beautiful

  4. This is lovely! I do hope your floors are done soon.

  5. Wow! Your red and green applique quilt is gorgeous!

  6. I love those HST corners - so striking paired with the center medallion! I hope the floors are finished soon, good luck!

  7. Hope all the work gets completed soon and to your satisfaction. Your quilting skills never cease to amaze, it is looking stunning.


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