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Saturday, December 30, 2017

2018 Planning

2018 is almost here and I have been giving it a lot of thought to what has happened this year and what next year will bring.

I love new beginnings, whether its mornings, a baby, a new project or a new year. Love the fact its like a start over in some way.
Love to plan and make lists...am a list maker.

But with all that's happened this year I'm feeling uncertain to what I can reasonably plan for this coming year. Have to say it's takes the fun out it. But I will not let it stop me, just has taken me a little longer to figure out what my goal is for 2018 as far as my quilting go. I have some personal ones that I'll keep to myself but do want to share these and join in on the party for the first time and this may keep me focus.

2018 Planning Party at quiltingJETgirl

First of all I will keep it down to a minimum for me. 

1. I'll again track my fabric stash usage, in and out but I am going to start tracking time sewing and quilting. This is mainly out of curiosity. for a while now I just feeling I don't spend much time sewing and so this can help.

2. Will do RSC 18, did not participate this year.

3. These goals will also be part of another, Scrap Attack at Sarah's  Which I pick 12 things or UFO's to do one a month. If I can get one done a month I think I'll be doing good. Now I just have to decide on the 12. I'm close but not finished.

4. I have never done a year review so in 2018 I will and a part of that will be a monthly summary to help me remember.

5. Redo my design wall. Something I've been waiting to do for a few years now.

6. Blog  more often, this month challenge made me realize what I miss. My goal is every other day.

That's the short and sweet of it.

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  1. good luck with your goals - Happy New Year

  2. Doing a monthly blog summary to help you remember and refocus on goals is a really great idea. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up, and I hope that you have a lot of quilting joy in 2018!

  3. Good Luck with your goals. Scrap Attack should be fun and reading your blog about whatever projects you work on will help keep us all keep motivated. Happy New Year!

  4. I too love the same beginnings as you. Mornings are my favorite!
    Best of luck on your 2018 goals.

  5. I love new beginnings too, I am also a great fan of a list. Hope all goes well with your goals for 2018 and that you have a good New Year.

  6. Seems that 2018 is the year of the UFOs and scrap management. Good luck with your plans for 2018, you've got a good list to work with.


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