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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Two in One

I had everything ready for yesterday post, I knew what I wanted to share and even took a couple of pictures but I was just too tired to hassle with it all.
You see Mom had a TEE yesterday, which meant I needed to leave the house before 8 because her test was at 11:00 and figure I would be back sometime before 3:00. She did fine and they were able to do the test but they had such a problem with getting an IV in that it was 3:00 by the time she was done.
That meant I had 5 hours of sitting around waiting. 

 I did put to good use and was able to finish the corner blocks for the Retro Air-Ship Propeller.

Was so hoping I could get the border finished today but was to busy cleaning after being gone everyday this week, the house was a mess.

Also crochet a couple more little hats and

 work a little on my hexes. I do have quite a few done and need to get a picture made to show. And also found the fabric to use between the diamonds. I'll get that all out tomorrow and get some pictures of that too.

Funny how much one can get done while waiting.

Then this afternoon/evening was class and this time it was on insects. Bugs don't bother me that much but I know very little about the bugs that effect my plants. Heaven knows we have a lot bugs around here.

Last week while mowing the yard I would come across all these twigs in the yard that had been chews on, and and completely cuts it off. So I looked up what kind of bug was doing it.

And here is the culprit. 

It's a beetle called a Twig Girdler.
If you have seen this happen on your tree, here's a link to more info
Pretty cool isn't it.

Day 14.

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  1. sorry your mom is still going through such medical issues - I hope she will not be feeling really bad for Xmas


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