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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Day 16

I did it again, missed a day on the 

I have done better than I thought I would, especially since my blog has been neglected last month. 

Well yesterday I tended to a few things around here and then I needed to finish next month BOM for the 30's club

After it was done drove over to Siloam Springs to drop these off at the quilt shop. We visited for a while and I was given a pattern for the next stash buster. Stash Busters meet ever other month at the shop and I had to miss the meeting because I'm at the Master Gardening class on that day so Pam gave me the pattern.
It is a free pattern by Windham Fabric called
"All Wrapped Up"

All Wrapped Up by Amy Gibson

Cute pattern and I have a good stash of Christmas fabric and really would like to make this. Just not sure if I can make the time.
There are a few items I want to make as gifts and they will need to come first.

There is a gift I finished last night and that is a crochet scarf using one of the Bernat Pop

Turned out nice and feels nice too. This will make a nice gift.

Today I have another finish but it is not a gift for this Christmas, not enough time to get it quilted and bound.

But a finish all together. My Retro Air-Ship Propeller, one that I've been wanting to complete for a while now.
This quilt has ended up being 67 x 67
And the youngest daughter already claimed it before her other sisters had a chance to see it.

Here is a funny update, remember the seeds I started  and thought the seeds were old because they were not sprouting as they should

Seeing how I thought they were mung beans....

I guess I do not know how to read the package because on the label is marked Green Peas.
Now that I look at the picture they sure do look like sprouted peas.
a DUH moment.
I threw them away thinking they were no good...they were...need to get some mung beans it seems. 

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  1. isn't it funny to see how fast some quilts get grabbed up and someone saying "it's mine" before you are even done with it.


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