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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Japanese Knot Bags

This morning I quilted some more on the Scandinavian Christmas wall hanging. 

I finished another quarter section and I'm onto the last. 

Now once I get that last section done, I think I will go ahead and do only the hearts on the border. That way I could go ahead, put a binding on and hang it for our company next week

This afternoon I worked on the Japanese knot bags or you could call them reversible bags. In fact the website I got the pattern off of,  was a Martha Stewart website

 and I'll put a link here for you and there's also a YouTube video that you can watch from when she had it on her daytime program

So far I have three completed and one left to go.

  From what you can see I have the lining and the outside of the bag left and it's just time now putting them together. Also as you can tell is they are all made with cat prints. We are all cats lovers here in this family


  1. I love the bags, I am popping over to look at the tutorial.

  2. The scandanavian quilt is beautifully done. Cute bags. Have a great new year. hUgs. lj

  3. The Scandinavian quilt is lovely. You've made a lot of progress on it this holiday season. Love the cat bags, those are all so cute!

  4. Love your Scandinavian quilt. And your knot bags are darling. Keep up up the beautiful quilting!


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