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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

BRRRR!!!!!!! Day 5

Boy what the difference a day makes.  I don't think the temperature got above 45, that is 30 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Spent the day at Mom and Dads, and while there I started working on these.

Little hats.
The American Heart Ass. give little red hats to babies born in the American Heart month..... February 

I found this out just a few days ago about them accepting donations of handmade little red hats. They can be knitted or crochet.

These are the ones I made today while at Moms.
I went ahead and crochet these but I want to at leasts knit a few too. I am so missing working on a knitted project. These are small and not a large project. I'm not sure if my wrist would be up to a lot of knitting.

There is a link that is located below the photo above if you interested in knowing more and patterns.

Earlier this morning I was able to sew on the pillowcases.

Have the Grinch's completed.... dropped off at the Post Office...
now on their way to California.

Rudolph's are nearly done 
and still need to find some flannel in my stash for the cuff to go along with the Santa print.

Do you make your own sprouts?

This morning I started some mung seeds for some stir fry I plan on cooking later this week.  If I think about in advance, can get a banch started in time for the meal but so many times I don't.
Mungs are one of the fastest seeds to sprout, most times in 3 days they should be ready. Also by using a dark jar, very little light gets to the sprouts which is good because mung sprout I like without any green. Keep you posted on their growth.

I'm almost done handstitching the binding to the
Vintage Christmas

Have about 1/3 left to do. Which I hope to have done by tomorrow and then be able to hang this quilt up in the livingroom. 
Can't wait.....

Day 5 of 

 If you would like to see other bloggers who are particapating here is the link


  1. here too - near 70 yesterday and 45 today - and I hear tomorrow night might be close to 20!! and I hadn't even had a frost yet

  2. We had a freeze a couple weeks ago and will again. Screwy weather.

  3. Never thought to sprout my own mung beans ....

  4. Brrrrr indeed! You've been moving along on multiple fronts. Love that Grinch pillow case.

  5. Your little hats are adorable! Some babies and moms will certainly appreciate them. I've not made "fancy" pillowcases like yours yet but they are very tempting. You've probably posted Vintage Christmas before but I can't remember it. I'm looking forward to seeing the front of it when you finish.


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