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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Day 3 Slow Sunday

Today I'll be finally getting the binding on this quilt. 

I had started this quilt last November, a year ago and did get the top finish but just with all the has been going on with Mom, I just folded it up and put in the closet.

Then over the summer I took it out of the closet and to the quilter Had him just do an all over loopy pattern, nothing fancy

Sometimes I know just what fabric I want to use for binding and other times I just don't have any idea.
First thought was to go with a green to just blend in but couldn't find one that I like. I was afraid that red would be a little too over powering of a color even thou it was the color used on the pattern but now that it is on I believe it will work.

But before I get sewing down the binding plan on getting some more mowing in and sewing up the pillow cases. I would like to have them done in time to have them in the mail tomorrow.

Also been making great progress on the Spicier Life CAL.

Have the main body of the afghan done and I'm now working on the border.

Just 2 more rows to go. Who knows I might be able to finish it tonight.


  1. I love your Christmas quilt-I must look up that pattern.

    1. It wasn't a hard pattern and her direction are very good. I order it as a PDF pattern. Here is a link to the pattern

  2. Love the vintage truck Christmas quilt! It brings back special memories of hunting in the woods for just the right tree!

  3. The Tree and Truck are just perfect for the Wintery Holidays!

  4. What a lovey holiday quilt - the red binding looks perfect!

  5. Love your Christmas quilt! I have been seeing that old red truck a lot when I have been in the Christmas departments. So classic and brings you back to childhood memories at least it does for me!

  6. your trees and trucks looks great...........

  7. My FIL had a little red truck. Seeing all the red trucks this year makes me think of him. I love your red truck quilt. The red binding is perfect.

  8. Those meandering loops were perfect for this one, and I really like the red binding! You've reminded me of a Christmas top I pieced two Decembers ago, and I'm going to go pull it out so I can start making its borders. :) Thanks!

  9. The trees in the bed of the truck crack me up. What an adorable finish! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  10. Love the red tuck quilt! The red binding frames it perfectly. Will it be a quilt you decorate with just at Christmas time? What a lovely addition to your décor it will be.

  11. I think the red binding is perfect for that quilt. It blends perfectly. That blanket is very pretty.

  12. I sure do love that Christmas tree in the truck quilt. I think I want one every time I see one.

  13. Your Bringing home the tree quilt turned out beautifully! The red binding makes a very nice final frame.

  14. Love your vintage Christmas quilt, it’s a beautiful finish.


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