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Friday, December 1, 2017

December Is Here Already

Here it is December, where did November go.
I had only written twice last month, boy that is not much.
It's been a lot of what I have been doing this year, Mom is doing Okay. She was able to stay out of the hospital last month which is a move in the right direction. And we had a good Thanksgining with family I haven't seen in a couple years.
Now it's Christmas next.

Been working some on quilting the Scandiavian Christmas but I'm nowhere done. 

Do have one of the four sections done and I have followed some of what Lynnette Anderson did on her pattern but there is some of the quilting designs I will not use. 
When I get to that point I'll have to shown what I mean.

Today I'm off to Tulsa in search of (believe it or not) Christmas fabric that I can make pillowcases for the grandsons. I have plenty of good fabric suitable for a Christmas quilt or others things but not fun kid stuff. Need to find Rudolph and Santa. I'll have to show you what I find.

I told myself that I will post more often this month, with that said till tomorrow 


  1. love your Scandinavian quilt - glad your mom wasn't in the hospital recently --have fun shopping

  2. Kat, I adore what you have done with this project and the quilting now too. I'm working on BLocks 3 and 4 with the hope I will have them all together by January.I'm doing my usual thing of making more work for myself by doing my freezer paper patterns backwards which is ok sometimes but not always. Sigh! But I am still enjoying it.

  3. Scandinavian Christmas looks great
    ......hang it up for Christmas regardless of whether you get it finished or not.......

  4. Your quilt is looking amazing!

  5. The quilting looks great, I really like those snowflakes you've added.


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