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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pillowcases Done

It was a perfect day for sewing, temps were cold

fire was burning, making the house toasty.

And me in my comfy clothes....

So this morning while having my coffee and watching Morning Joe, I quilted a little more on Scandinavian Christmas

I am such a slow quilter, thank goodness my livelihood doesn't depend on it.

I think I might take Chookyblue's advice, go ahead and hang it up even if it's incomplete.

After a few chores and as little as possible cleaning I went on to finish the Rudolph and Santa pillow cases.

 Next step is to get them off in the mail to the grandsons. Seeing how yesterday I mailed off the first set, not a great rush, Friday should be okay.

Did finish the binding last night on the Vintage Christmas and went ahead hung it up in the living room

So cute and makes me feel the need to get the decorations down and put the house in the Christmas spirit,

Now days the holidays vary from year to year. This year will be celebrated with family afterward. I rather have it before, more fun event happen before... none after.
No Polar Express this year.



  1. I need to get my house in the Christmas spirit as well - I am pokey but now that the painting is done I can start getting things out little by little over the next couple days and seeing as I don't put out a really large amount of things I can get it done - then to start some Christmas baking!

  2. I want to bake Christmas goodies today, but I cannot due to appts. I hope to make something tomorrow. I love your quilt.

    1. Thank you. Boy your house will smell so good when you do.

  3. Oh that vintage Christmas quilt is perfect!

  4. Super cute pillowcases, both sets. :) We've put part of our Christmas up. Need to do more!

    1. Those pillowcase are such an easy gift. I really should do more of them

  5. Adorable quilt - a perfect decorative piece for the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh yes go and hang it finished or not.....otherwise you have to wait a whole year to enjoy it hanging..........
    love a fire........and the trucks look wonderful........


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