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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Getting Done

I was able to have a day home without needing to go anywhere, unless you count riding my bike. It got warm today....I even worked up a sweat. It did get up to 80 and here they say that it will be in the 40 degrees cooler this weekend. I put off planting much because of this screwy weather.

This morning I was able to finish what was in the hoop and move the hoop over to the next star.

After cleaning a little and the ride I was ready to get a little sewing in but when I did I realize I left the room a mess from all that cutting of scraps for the Wonky Log Cabin

Instead of just throwing it all back in the tub I decided to take care of it now

After 2 hours I had some more Tumbler blocks cut and the rest cut into squares and strings. Felt good

Took a break and did laundry, vacuum and such.

When I went back to it I decided I would do some machine quilting on the Blue Baby quilt.

Almost done.

Also gather up the Vintage Garden top and remaining fabric to start prepping the outer border. Sometime it take a few to find what I do with past projects. I do have way too many  UFO's and PHD's

Seems like I was able to get a lot done but it does when you are almost done when you start.

Tomorrow is Mammogram day.
It's been a year and half since the last and do not expect any issues, but I believe in preventive care and this is just part of it.

Till later


  1. It was 79 here and yes a lot cooler this weekend once again - I keep putting off planting also - maybe this weekend will be the last? I can just see it we will all think finally we can plant and we will have a frost in May which I don't really think has ever happened - but this year - who can tell!

  2. We had the first spring thunderstorm this afternoon, it's still nice out now. But it's going to get cold again. I'm ready from some consistent warm days. Congrats on all the progress in the sewing room. You've been moving several projects along.


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