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Friday, April 6, 2018

Thank Goodness it's Friday

I have had computer issues for a few years now, nothing major just that I've had to power my laptop by battery and not through direct power. Like my last Dell the power source jack would not stay connected. 

So I purchase extra battery and charger, that way I had a battery to use. Nice in theory but it has it's glitches.  The battery use life could be maybe a couple hours, sometimes shorter, depending on the task I'm doing. I could and was living with that...... But

The last straw is that Windows want to continually interrupt what I working on to download the new update to Windows 10. That would be fine but seeing how I can't keep it plugged in to download and battery doesn't last long enough. Needless to say it's not getting downloaded, close but not completed.
Even though it said 89%, when battery goes dead I lose that installment. Have to start all over.

Fed up and bought a new laptop that I'm learning "Windows 10"

Long story short, explains partly my sporadic blog posts.
Human failure I have no excuse.

I have done most of my last month list.

Finished the Dreamy Hexagon  top

I have already given it to Pam to quilt.

Finished the Ripple  Crochet  afghan

Also was able to put binding on the Basket Stitchery quilt

And have it now hanging in the living room.

Next post is this months goals.


  1. we hate Windows 10 hope you like it better

  2. We have struggled with some of Windows 10, I keep installing the updates but there is a part of me that would rather not have the changes. Beautiful projects, the basket stitchery quilt is stunning.

  3. Those Window 10 updates are a pain, hopefully you've gotten enough figured out to do most of what you want. You've got some very pretty finishes in this post. I wasn't too sure about how Dreamy Hexagons was going to work while it was in progress, but the finished quilt is beautiful.


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