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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hand Quilting

Big milestone, I finished quilting on the main body of this Blue Rocky Road 

Now it time to work on the border 

I have decided on what stencil pattern to do, it's from one of Helen
Squire's book, 

Instead of making a plastic stencil, I figured making a cardboard oval with some registration marks could work
And using a white Nonce Marking pencil that can be removed with water.

I find that this pencil stays on longer than a chalk pencil and great on dark fabrics.

Important since I needed to mark one side because I had to make it all fit.

So I laid the oval and trace and than put the marks for registration 

Using those mark I can trace the curves.


Ready for the hoop, and I have a couple to pick from

I think I'll start with the hoop that is design for this job, edges.

If not I can always use the small oval.

Now comes to where I need your help,
I'm not sure which thread or color that would look the best

1. I have the blue that I used on all the quilting so far, if I use it the thread will blend in with fabric.
2. Could use white quilting thread, this will show up and with using the threads I would do an average stitch.
3. Then I have pearl cotton, white, if I use this it too would show up but I would have to make bigger stitches. (would quilt up quicker too)

So what do you think, HONESTLY, like the best.

Thank you so much for your input
It will be well received and appreciated

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  1. Looks great so far..... Goodluck with the border.......

    1. Thank you, and I hope this part goes a lot quicker than before.

  2. Heel mooi werk. Ik zou de blauwe draad nemen. Succes. Groetnis .Annie

    1. Thank you for your input, have 3 whites to 1 blue now.

  3. I would switch to white - my reason for this is based on what I am using right now for the quilt on my frame I am using dark thread and on the dark areas I can barely see my quilting - your thread might be able to be seen but I always like my quilting to show up

    1. Good point there Karen. I think after all this work I might want it to show. That is why I pick a dark color for the white fabric.

  4. With that dark blue I would use the heavier white thread--it would look like Sashiko stitching i think. Your quilting on the main body is just stunning--beautiful work...love the pattern you chose too I am envious of your ability with a needle hugs, Julierose

    1. You are so sweet, I love the look of Sashiko. Have a majority saying white and you all are non-bias so I think I'll go white. And using the pearl cotton will go quicker too.

  5. The quilting looks amazing! Congrats on getting the center all finished. I'd go with with heavier white thread. That will look gorgeous against the blue.

    1. You and Julierose both suggested the pearl cotton. I'm ready to go on now, Thank you

  6. I love your DIY stencil! I do love the thought of the white quilting popping on that blue fabric!


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