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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Trying Machine Quilting

I haven't done a lot of machine quilting, less than 40 hours in and I do think it's a challenge.

I hear if you doodle it helps. I don't doodle and so it's hard at time to think ahead on where I should be stitching.
 I know, I know... Practice and more practice is what it takes and these past two days I have.

So I wound some bobbins.... ready to go

I finished the Baby Blue.  

I tried my hand at stippling and I'm not sure what it's called but its like half an orange peel. I maintain a smooth curve is tough at times. 

Thought of this for the border 
Getting a little better towards the end.

Then I went ahead and sandwiched the Wonky Log Cabin  and quilted it today. I thought wavy lines from top to bottom would be one to try on this one.

Again getting smooth curve is something I need more practice. 

I was able to finish quilting and put the binding on.

  All done with March and April RCS

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  1. Your Wonky Log Cabin is fabulous!

  2. Those look great! For a beginner, you're doing great. I'm not much of a general doodler either, but when i want to practice quilt designs, a focused doodle is doable! (One day at work I got bored and practiced pebbles...let me tell you the strange looks i got from the manager who caught me!)

  3. I find straight lines or curvy lines easy but I don't even bother to try free motion after trying it out a couple years ago none of my stitches were even and it looked a mess to me.

  4. Wow, great machine quilting! You give me hope that maybe someday I can get that far. For now, it's walking foot quilting all the time.

  5. What a delight to visit and see your wonky log cabin quilt. The fabrics are beautiful and I think you have done a great job quilting it.

  6. You are doing a bang up job. Just remember to bring your bobbin thread up when starting, don't turn your quilt while quilting or if you don't break a needle you may not have a straight needle anymore, start in the middle of the project so things will stay smooth. Actually, I think you have that all down pat, your stitches look really good. Hugs, lj

  7. Great progress. I think your curves are fabulous. Nobody else other than the person who quilted it ever searches for the flaws.

  8. goodluck with the quilting..........I need to move into this area......you are working on lots of lovely projects.........

  9. The quilting on both quilts looks great. Any baubles will won't be so obvious after the quilts are washed. I love that yellow wonky log cabin quilt, it's so bright.


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