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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Scrappy Time

Well this morning we woke up to a light snow on the ground and temp of 26. 

And never got above 45....
Loved it but I figure this is the last till next winter.

Perfect day for the excuse of staying in the sewing room and decided to start this months RSC.... which the color is YELLOW
This month I'm trying something new,
Wonky Log Cabin.

Got the ideal from Amy over at Diary of a Quilter.
She is doing charitable projects that we can help.
She calls it 

Here is a link for more info 

Started out going trough the tub and grabbing yellow scraps and then pressing some.

Following her directions , I separated the scraps by size and  and started sewing the centers.

Then like a traditional log cabin you start sewing strips around the center. 

Had to quit to start dinner, stew ... feels like stew weather... cold.

Made a good start and it is going together very easily, refreshing not to be precise.

Last month color was lime green and for last month I made 
this baby quilt

The picture show the border not sewn on yet but do now.
This I will add to the pile for machine quilting.
Pattern came from the book
Modern Plus Sign Quilts - C&T Publishing

Tomorrow will be cool but not as cold as today so hopefully I'l get in some handwork too.

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  1. Love your Plus Quilt, all the different greens. Makes me think of Spring, even though you had snow. Looking forward to your log cabin blocks. You have great yellows.

    1. Why thank you Karen, we should from now on just get greener. Funny thing about the yellows, my mom had given me a trash bags of scraps and more of those yummy yellows came from her bag. I was lacking yellows in my tub.

  2. surely spring will start now! we had the winter weather this weekend too

    1. I hope you are right, I did see your part of the world received snow too

  3. Isn't the weather crazy? We had some snow as well yesterday morning. I'm ready for spring to kick winter to the curb. The improve yellow blocks are looking good. Congrats on moving your green RSC project to the finished flimsy stage.

    1. Well that is what we get for weather in Oklahoma. Warmer spring weather is nice but unfortunately it brings severe weather, not one for tornados. Thank you for your comments, improv blocks are so much fun.

  4. I love making scrappy wonky logs! They are so versatile and a great use for scraps and are quick and easy to make and loads of fun. I've made several donation quilts using them. You look like you are off to a great start.

  5. Hey the yellows will look great in scrappy log cabins.......
    And love the green quilt to...... Nice bright greens ....


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