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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I Have up on the wall the Vintage Garden still and will be up there until I can get the border finish

Today I did not prep another side with the scallops but went ahead to work off of my things to do list.

I did make a little progress.

1. Finish the Lime Crosses

2. RSC - yellow-   Wonky Log Cabin Finished

3. Prep some of the outside border for the Vintage Garden
Have as you seen but will do more before I mark this one off the list.

4. Outside border for my Snowman quilt

5. Finish quilting Baby Blue Star   Finished

6. A Stash buster pattern that I can't show because it will be published this year. 
Been working on this one too

7.  Cut out some more Tumbler blocks to use as a leader and ender

8. Cut out Crystal's Clam shells

9. Kith & Kin

10. Binding on one of the many quilts that need it.
I'm half way done with this one

This was a RSC a couple years back and it has been in the closet for a while quilted and waiting for binding.
Wasn't sure what to do for the binding first thought was plain white and then thought multi color.

So far I have the binding attached on, now it's time to hand sewn it down. Not sure now about the multi color binding. Will see.

The other main thing I've been working on is quilting on my Blue Rocky Road

I'm down to the last side and have just 2 stars left and couple white space. So today I marked the last palaces needed.

I made my own stencil and works good even if it does look rough.

I thought I would show the size of these white spaces 10"

Well that's it 

Did have a Master Gardeners meeting this evening. We have lots going on and we all shared what we had been working on and admitted that I have done very little outside.
I do not have very much growing as far as flower beds go. Limited on plants that the deer won't eat. If you know of any plants I would love to hear what works for you.



  1. your multi color binding is perfect for that quilt surprised you left it set aside for several years without finishing it when all it needed was binding!

  2. Congrats on all the progress. Vintage Garden is very pretty. Those scalloped frames really help the different fabrics blend together.

  3. Beautiful applique and quilting in this post ! :)

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