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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reusable Shopping Bag, Country Style

This is not my original idea but it is a pretty darn good one. Seeing how I raise chickens, I have these Polywoven Feed Sacks but Sunflower Seeds come in these bags as does some dry pet food. This is my bag

They are very easy to make but I'll suggest that you use a sewing machine that can sew through denim easily. The polywoven is a very tough material to sew through and use a larger size needle also.
With an empty feed bag I rinsed it out and let dry.

Step One: Cut off the pull string edge and then you will cut off  4 - 5 inches off the bottom of bag. You want to make sure not to cut into the design, so figure what you like on your bag. They are all different.

Step Two: Turn bag inside out, sew along the bottom using 1/2" seam

Step Three: You will miter the corners of the bottom. To do this you need to fold the bag with the seam going down the middle (see Photo).  Measure from the tip down each side 5".  Sew from one marked edge across to the other marked edge. Do this to both ends

Step Four: With the bag still inside out, fold back top 5 inches. Then fold the top again to create a 2 1/2 inch hem and stitch down. Turn bag right side out.

Step Five: To make handles undo the glued seam on the piece you cut off the bottom. Fold in the two out side edges to create a 1 inch wide strap and stitch along both sides. Cut the sewn strap to make two for handles.
Step Six: Attach the handles to the outside of the bag. I doubled stitch for reinforcement.

Now I found this idea in Backyard Poultry February/March 2011 and they had a second alternate in April/May 2011. It's amazing what you can find, some people are just so clever.


  1. I have saved my dog food bags to make one but have not done so yet. Thank you for the nice tutorial, time to get to work!

  2. Cute! Too bad my bags are plain white with just lettering...


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