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Friday, August 19, 2011

Set Up Day

OK I can share some photos that I took on the way here to Colorado. While driving through Kansas you pass by fields of corn, millet and sunflowers, you know how I love sunflowers so I try to take a photo of the field while driving past them. This is what I ended up with
Now use your imagination and tell yourself "oh what beautiful flowers"

Then we are plodding along and before we knew it (yeah right, 8 hours later) We are crossing over into Colorado. Of course I had to be like most tourist and stop to take a picture to document this historical occurrence.
So that was yesterday, like I said yesterday we were pretty tired so that was about all we did.

Today we went the Event Center for the Rocky Mountian Quilt Festival to see about when to set up and we lucked out and was able to start earlier than we thought. This was the first time that I have been present to help set-up the booth. I have in the past just shown up to work the booth the days of the show, boy there is a lot to it.
Here is just a started look,

But a few hours later this is how spectacular our little space looked

It's my friends shop that has the booth but she representing Studio 180 Designs so that is why this time there is mostly rulers and quilts made using these rulesr. Which I'll tell you they are worth switching to. I said before I would not buy anymore rulers, heaven know I have a mess of them but for some reason her designs simplify making traditional blocks. No new way of doing things, I still make my blocks to most part the same. So I did not have to reinventing the wheel, which is good thing, cause I am a creature of habit.

Afterwards we did drive up to Estes Park but I forgot my I-Phone in the hotel room.  I'm going to try use my friends pictures tomorrow, I'm alittle tired right now.  


  1. Oh what fun! I love vending at quilt shows---all the eye candy and getting to visit with the nicest people. Looking forward to updates and more photos.

  2. The booth looks beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. What a side benefit of vending at quilt shows--the chance to "see the country"!! I've tried taking shots from my car before too, and while my EYES register what I am looking at, somehow the camera doesn't "see" it as I do!!



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