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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Day of Firsts

Do you remember what it was like as a child and seeing or doing something for the first time. How exciting it could be. I think sometimes as adults we have become numb or to busy to look at things that way

But today I had my eyes open to those feelings. Here are some firsts I had happen today. In the garden and in the sewing room.

The first ripe tomatoes out of the garden. It's been a long time wait. The kid in me is so excited I could pee my pants, but the adult in me waited until I made to the bathroom. As you can see there is more. OK one more

So red
And then I finished my first block to Scandinavian Christmas. I just can't seem make them fast enough for my liking. The impatient child in me now.

Just love this design

Now here are a few more firsts out of the garden.

First dug potatoes

Then I picked a couple of the eggplants, green peppers and unfortunately okra that I did not know was there. It's just a little too big to fry, maybe I'll use it in a soup I'm making latter. 

I almost forgot the what I found in the hen house. One of the new hens laid her first egg, oh so tiny.
I have a few hens which are a breed called Cinnamon Queens and they will start laying at 4 months. Well that is what it is, a little over 4 months.
Now that made me squeal like a little girl. Why do little girls squeal so much?
Try to find a first today, just don't pee your pants like I almost did.

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