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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My W.I.P. on my mind

I just finished my chores outside and I am all cleaned up and ready to tackle the inside jobs, (and no it's not housework) it's my W.I.P..  Now by the looks of the pictures you are probably thinking this woman has issues and you are on target there. I just have too many projects going that I am determind to finish.
Today my goal is to finish the machine applique stitch to the snowman.
Finish glue basting the small yellow dots to  the red circles and then I can say I have finally the first block ready to stitch of the Beyond The Cherry Tree Quilt.  I have only been collecting the patterns for over a year and had the fabric all picked out but just kept saying to myself "I am not starting another project". Well I did complete a couple tops I had been working on, so I decided it's now or never. Beside I just could not stand waiting any longer.

And with high hopes I hope to at least get the last block copied onto some freezer paper so I can get one step closer to finishing the last block to this quilt.

Oh ya, the first picture of the tree, I need to glue baste on some more circles, 2 birds and 2 large leaves down at the bottom. Now I have them all ready to go and when glued on that will be the last of the appliqued pieces. I will still have some embroidery work besides the hand quilting. This pattern came out of a Quiltmania Magazine last year. I just love it. To me it has the Arts and Craft feel to it.

So this evening when I am done for day I will post what I was able to get accomplished. You see this is my way of making myself accountable.

Till this evening


  1. You have some beautiful applique' WIPs!
    Look forward to following their progressions.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your work!!! You do lovely applique work.



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