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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Old Southern Style Lime Pickles

I am finally able to can something out of the garden. I was starting to think that it just was not going to happen with the attack from Mr Groundhog, rabbits, the heat and now the tomato horn worms.

But here are some pickles I canned this past weekend. It took about a week to collect enough cucumbers to make a batch.

Now "the man of the place" just loves these pickles. I make Lime Pickles. Now if you have never tried these they are a lot like a sweet pickle but with a little more tartness to them. They have a nice crisp crunch to them. So if you refrigerate your pickles they are very refreshing.
The recipe is the one that the company puts on the back of their package. Here where I lives the brand of Pickling Lime is Mrs. Wages. According to their recipe you have to soak the cucumbers in the lime solution overnight.

Then you have to rinse the cucumbers 3 times and soak them in ice water for 3 hours.

Then you make the brine of vinegar, sugar and spices. After the solution boils you add the drained cucumber in the the hot brine. Again you soak them overnight

The next morning it is time to finally can the pickles. Now I did mine in quart jars. Storage is an issue for me by the end of the canning season so to save space I put the pickles up in the larger jars.
You will process them in a water bath canner. For quarts it take 15 minutes. It  is suggested that you do not eat the pickles for at least a couple of days. Well for us that is an easy thing to do seeing how we are still eating last years jars, so they will be able to sit and develop to a full flavored pickle.
If you want a new pickle I suggest you try this one. I know everyone who has tried these, really love them..

Till next time

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