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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Again

Howdy y'all,
My goal was to write each day I was in Colorado but between not being able excess the internet and being tried, it didn't happen. That way I could of gone into more detail, but I'll try not to make this too long, (ya right, since when).
I was so tired each day from being very busy. And I thought I was busy here on the farm. It was a nice show and I met a lot of neat peoples. Some of those nice peoples were across from our booth, these ladies have a line of fabric with Moda, their line of fabric is call Sweetwater. I had taken a picture of their booth but it did not turn out for some reason. It was a really cute booth, I just love the color of their fabric.

Then there was a shop from San Diego that was right up my alley, ALL APPLIQUE

The name of the shop is called Amidon Quiltworks, it wasn't that they had really anything new, it was that the owner was very knowledgeable in the technique I like to use when appliqueing. She taught me a few new tricks and boy am I so excited to try them out. Didn't get a chance today but I'm going to find time tomorrow.
I would call this show an art quilt show, they had some major exhibits there like the Hoffman 2011 Challenge, Thread Tail and Vapor Trails in  honor of 100th  anniversary of Navel Aviation, plus a collection of  Irena Bluhm quilts. We were right next to her booth. Here is one of her quilts.

Here are just a couple of the quilts that were there.
"Nanna's Garden Party" made by Colleen Little Ft. Lipton, Co.
"My Grandfather's Flower Garden"  made by Linda Rhoads of Colorado Springs, Co.

"The Grand" made by Betty Sutton of Loveland, Co.

I really did not have much time away from the booth so the pictures of quilts are very limited, the Hoffman challenge was gorgeous

The second morning of the show we woke up to the van's front tire being almost flat so we had to have the donut put on. It wasn't until after the show that day were we able to get it repaired.
Now if you live or been to to Loveland, then you are aware of the fact that there are very few stop signs in the new areas. They have what I call traffic circles. I know of only one in Tulsa Ok. but I really like them because we didn't have stop all the time. That's what I'm all about go, go, go.
So the show was over, we were packed  and ready to drive our way back to Oklahoma/Arkansas.
We decided to get out of the Denver Area before we stop to eat breakfast. So we thought we would go to this diner Pam found on the internet called I-70 Diner. It is in the town called Flagler Co. and you can not miss the the pink Cadillac on a tall pole in front of the diner.

The food was good and the portions are way too much. You see I have this thing for pancakes, so I have to try every ones and then judge them. These I would rank right below my favorites at the Harvest House in Kansas, Ok. The inside of the diner is cute and the stool covers I liked.
So we plodded along and then had to stop and take this picture, it goes with the other one from the other side of the road

Till next time Colorado

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