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Friday, August 26, 2011

It's True Confession Time

OK I need to come out and admit to all out in the blogosphere that on occasions I can procrastinate. The Confession. Now to my defense and being honest, I do not do it all of the time. But this is one of those times. Do you remember when I had wrote about the rogue hen

And I had said that I needed to clip the wing on her so she would stop flying out of the coop.
Well I did not do it. Kept telling myself I'll get around to it and never did. 
Today was the day, I was walking up the hill after feeding the calves down at the barn and walked past the old homestead, something caught my eye.

I get closer to the house and low and behold what do I see but  this huge amount of eggs under the house

There is 14 eggs there. Can't tell you if just one girl laid them or if there were others involved. There is a group of them that can fly over the fence. So today I got out my book, "Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens"
Great resource, so on page 258 is this diagram on how to clip their wing.

Well when "the man of the place" came home from work this evening I asked him to help me do the deed.
So we clipped all the new White Leghorn girls, they are not heavies so they can fly wonderfully and then did the Ameracana girls (they lay the green/blue eggs)
 It went well , I just wish I could of video taped it. They were so excited running around inside the hen house, us trying to catch them and they are all squawking. Boy it was loud. I could not help but stop and laugh at it all, very comical.

So there it is, my confession.
Now in the morning, I'll find out if we cut enough feathers to make a difference.
Till next time

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  1. I have to do mine too, since the neighbors dog would eat them if they went over the fence! Easy to do once you figure it out. A 2 person job, for sure...


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