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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Been Catching Up Around the Farm

The past couple of the days I have been taking time to get out in the garden and harvest veggies and checking on how everything was doing.

Then there is "the girls". One of the older girls decided that she needed a new wardrobe. She has a twin in the group and this how she did look right before I left

Beautiful hen isn't she, white, fluffy and very clean

But I notice a few days last week all these white feathers around the hen yard and that the one I speak of was losing feathers. I did not take the time to take a photo but this is how she looks now, a week later
Looks like I have been getting her ready for the stock pot.

 They sure grow back fast. I can't wait to see how white and fluffy she'll get.
Thank goodness they do not have a mirror in the hen house.  I do not think she would like the new look, thou a lot of older ladies like to get their "do's"  cut short,  if you know what I mean

The cows are good, "the man of the place" has them in the pasture on the other side on the creek, up the hill so I haven't seen them since I have been back. He saids they are enjoying all this new growth in grass.

Speaking of "the man of the place", he was in charge of the all that I do and he did a good job. I only lost a couple of the potted plants, no chickens and the garden is still  alive and producing.
One of the things I asked was that he please pick the veggies for me. Now I have to say he is all man, thinks like a man. So when it came to picking vegetables he believes like a man, bigger is better.
(If you know what I'm saying)
So this is what happened

His on the bottom, mine on  the top

Now I had to tell him that the doesn't hold true, at least not when it comes to okra, if you know what I mean. 

And those darn tomato worms were very happy I was gone but I had to bust their bubble thou.
I pick over 20 of the these big, ugly, gross worms

They are so big, ugly and gross the chickens won't even eat them.
Boy I wouldn't either. Yuck!!

So things are fine and what a relief.
Now I need to get busy and do some canning. Relish is on my list next.
Now if there was some way of using those huge okras I would but I believe they are way too tough, even too tough  for the chickens.
Till next time

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  1. Just came across your blog!! Sounds like we have a lot in common though I've always been a country girl. I love to quilt, garden, train and trial border collies, work on the ranch and I DO LOVE my chickens! Sorry about the horn worms - they are always a nuisance.



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