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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Farm Report

I have not written about any of the happenings here around the farm. During the winter months it can be slow until calving season starts. And this year has been one of those slow years  (thank goodness). After the past couple of winters we have had here in N.E. Oklahoma, "the man of the place" is so relieved. He is not trying to feed or check on cows in 2 feet of snow and ice.
We are actually having above normal temp the past few weeks.
As you can see the daffodils are already up and blooming. I believe this early for us.
We also had our first calf a little early too.
We had thought it would be more around the middle to end of February before any would be born, oops.

Isn't he cute, he was born last week.

"The man of the place" was out feeding some of the cows so he could tell me which ones he thought we're next to birth. You see, this is one of my jobs during the week while he is at his full-time job. Beside doing the feeding I am now on maternity watch.

I have  also been working on getting the veggie patch ready for planting.
I have been out at the barn shoveling old decomposed manure into tubs to put in the garden.
These tubs use to have feed for the cows in them. I have used them  around the garden in so many ways.
I have filled 20 of these tubs. Each one of them hold around 4 cube ft.
So two tubs will  fill my wheel barrow, 8 cube ft.
Do the math,  that's 80 cube ft of composted manure. One of the benefits of raising cattle.
So here is what I'm doing to my beds.

I just dump the compost in the bed, a 18 ft. bed gets 20 cube ft of manure.

Then I turn it  in by just shoveling. I would like to get one of those little tillers to work it in. Maybe that will be my new toy for this year. We'll see

Then I top it off with the straw that was in the chicken pen. I let them scratch through it first to get most of the seeds out of it. I try for 4 - 6 inches of straw.
As I have been getting older I just can not work out in the garden like I use to, so I have been trying to find more efficient ways to get the job done.
Many years (35) ago I had gotten this book. At the time I did not think about using her technique much, mulching was the only thing I took from it but there is actually more to it.

Read whats on the back.

I was telling my friend Linda about it the other day.
You maybe could  find a used copy. I believe it is out of print. But it is a very neat way of gardening. If an 80 year old can  keep a big garden why not me.

The only thing I have out in the garden right now, is just a little spinach.

But that is going to change here soon.

I also want to tell you that "the girls" are on a roll again. Molting is done, daylight hours are increasing and the warmer weather have them laying eggs like crazy. I have 24 hens. On the first day of Jan. I found 3 eggs but by the end of Jan. it was up to 15eggs. Total egg production for January was 285 eggs. Very impressive.

Till next time


  1. I remember being on maternity watch for our sows, I miss it. It was a great excuse for being outside and not getting stuff done in the house. :) So, when do we plant potatoes? I'm trying a new thing this year, well gardening in general is new to me, it used to be someone else's job.:) I bought some potatoes the other day, but couldn't remember, are they supposed to be planted by Valentines Day or St.Patrick's day? My MIL always had hers out by one of those days, but I don't remember which one. Blessings, Nita

  2. I do not know where you live but here in N.E. Oklahoma we plant around St Patrick's day. Some will plant early but you run the risk of a freeze killing off the new growth. They'll usually grow back but sets them back time wise. You do need to cut them in pieces with an eye or two in the piece. Plus you have to let them drys out some. This help in preventing rot. If you have ant more questions fell free to email. me

  3. Such a wonderful farm and garden! I grew up on a farm, now live in the city. :-( Thanks for sharing! I invite you to follow my blog!


  4. Wow Kat! What an amazing week. Calving, maternity watch, composting nutrient rich manures... I am so jealous. Those eggs are lovely. I am so happy for you. This is going to be another great year for all of our gardens and farms. have a GREAT week.


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