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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finally Building a House

I know I was suppost to start the first of the year and build one a day. At first I thought I would do it like Jeanneke and cut out the pieces and just sew together. Copied her pattern and then life happens as usual and I did not get to it right away. By the time I got around to it, I decided I was going to paper piece instead. By then she had removed the foundation pattern. I knew I had read on another blog about  having the pattern plus some. Well that too was gone by the time I finally found out who. So my friend Liz (who has kept up and has two rows completed the last time I seen hers) helped me figure it out using EQ7 on making my own pattern. Not that it was hard, its just I'm still new at drafting and it wasn't coming to me.
 I do not paper piece much  :-p 
So here it is my first house.
Working out the technique but I'll have it down soon and hopefully will be producing like crazy.
I have some catching up, as usual, to do.
I won't be doing much the rest of the week because I'm off to McAllen TX., for a quilt show and all I'm taking with me is piecework. 
I will be keeping up on my posts with the trip and the show
Till next time


  1. Hello Kat,
    You first house looks great. I have done a couple of them and if I had more time in the day, would probably do more. I chose the paper pieced version also, seemed like it would be easier. Have a great week!


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