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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finished and Unfinished UFO's

Over at Patchwork times I joined the 2012 UFO Challenge  that Judy has going on. Now I am new to this and did not get the jiffs of it till just recently. You make a  list 12 UFO's you plan to finish this year, (I'll put my list up here soon). I learned that a number is picked and you work on that one for the month. # 5 was picked for January and this is my #5 

  This is Vintage Memories (Garden) by Blackbird Designs and I failed to finish it in time. I'm one block short and the sashing/border. I plan on working on it along with this months choice (#1). Try my best to get it done.  
This is February's  #1 my Hunter Star
Will be 80" x 90"

Now I need to also talk about what I did get finished and that is the Purple Sugar Twist
It is twice the size that the pattern was, I wanted it fit on my daughter's bed. Now I need to take it to the quilter cause I want it done soon so when I go to California I will have to give to her.

Then  over at Cat Patches,  Barbara who in the past few years just started quilting and said she had no UFO's left to work, (I don't know what country she is from)  and wanted to challenge herself and others to starting a new UFO each month. She calls it 2012 NewFO Challenge
Cute idea and being so ADD it is not a stretch for me to do this without a challenge, it's just a norm for me.
Here are my 2 latest

And an Embroidery Project over at  Jenny of Elefantz

I have it already to stitch

These NewFO's are BOM's 

Well that's it for now


  1. Thank you for sharing these UFO Hop links Kathleen. I am going right over to check them out.

  2. Thanks for joining in! I love the blues in your Just Takes 2.

  3. Looks like a fun list of to dos....

  4. Fail is not a word we quilters use - LOL. We use behind a bit instead. And I"m behind too. You're doing a marvelous job on that applique piece!

  5. Love your projects.You did great work!

  6. I love your applique. It looks excellent. I can see NO stitches....wow!


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