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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To the End of Texas

Have you ever been to McAllen, Texas. This was the first time for me and the first time I had been south of Dallas Texas. I had intentions of writing about our trip to McAllen while being there but I was so tried from traveling the first day and than setting up our booth at the quilt show. By the time we would get back to our room all I wanted to do was rest.
So now I want to share some pictures of our trip and then the next post I'll show a few of the vendors I met and the some of the quilts in the show.
 The first picture I took was the sign saying we were welcome to Texas, no longer in Oklahoma. I have a thing for wanting to get a pic of these signs. I did miss the one coming back that would of been a welcome back to Oklahoma.
 Our first stop was a little out of the way but we wanted to go check out the quilt shop Stitchen' Heaven.
I was surprise that it was located in a semi small town. It was a very nice shop. If you are near Dallas you ought go out of your way and check them out.
 It was good sized and there was a part of the shop that was the same size of the retail portion that was dedicated to their mail order portion of their business.
This is the owner Debby (I hope that's right) and she was sweet enough to let me take a picture of her. 

Here are a couple of the quilts she had hanging in her shop. There our kits to go with these samples if you are interested. Both of these quilts are done in Batiks. I have a love for tree quilts, doesn't matter what the pattern I just love trees.

We were about in Austin, Texas, check out the temperature 89. It is only Feb 22, it should not be this warm.

OK like I said I have not been this far south before so coming across this Border Patrol car was an eye opener. I have seen these on TV or movies so I just had to take a picture. The officers were in Subway eating, I hoping that they did not see me taking a picture. Heaven know what they would think of that, maybe a threat. I could imagine  them taking me in for questioning, and then come to the conclusion that I'm just a nutty middle aged women.

Here is something really neat
I believe no matter what age you are, we should try to look at the world the way a child would. Things are new and fascinating,
That's what I thought of this underpass. The lights would change color, so while sitting there stopped at the light you are entertain with a light show.
I thought this was so cool. There is also the color yellow, orange and purple but I was not quick enough to get them all. I did not want to go when the traffic light change for us to go.

Then when  we were leaving, we stopped at a gas station there outside of  McAllen and next to the station was this car lot. And this is the sign with their name. Hard to see but it is BOGGUS, I found that amusing. I know the word I'm thinking of is bogus but when you first see it, that is the word that comes to mind. Funny, huh. 
Till next time.


  1. Glad you liked Texas! I live in Austin and that hot day was a freak of nature!

  2. What fun! And thanks for following my blog! :)


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