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Thursday, February 16, 2012

So slow

I meant to write Monday about our first snow

view from my sewing table
 My stash report, what is up on my wall and the new pincushion I made. So time to waste and I'll just right to it.
What's up still on my design wall is  my Hunter Star, half way done with it.

 Color is hard to tell because it's a dark indigo
A pile to trim and sew together.

Then I made a pincushion I had found on Riley Blake's blog. Every Friday there will be a new pincushion pattern and so far she has had some cute one and if you are like me you'll have to try one or two. I'm hoping she'll have a turtle pincushion.
The example they show is using a sundae dish and looks better using that dish, I used a parfait cup. I did not have enough fabric to do the sundae dish but I was thinking about making this again but in wool using my sundae dish.

My stash report is that I used 5.75yds, 5 of it is for the Christmas Quilt along and then some for SKoW project. Did not bring any in. All Good.
Till later


  1. Your hunter's star is fabulous!

  2. It is amazing how time can get away from you. Love your pincushion and your quilt is coming along beautifully!

  3. I love your Hunters Star, I have made about 4 of them, easy and lovely pattern. Your indigo and white is very striking! Did you use the Deb Tucker rulers to make this one?

  4. Wow Kat!
    Your pincushion project looks fabulous. I would have never known that it was supposed to be set into a sundae cup, had you not mentioned it. Thank you for sharing the link to Riley Blake's blog. I love your hunter star quilt too. It's so pretty. Have a great weekend.


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