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Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Christmas Quilt-a-long

Today is the start of Hazel's Quilts so you are just in on the beginning.  Right now it is the deciding stage of which fabrics to use. So that is what I am up to now and like Sharon at Vrooman Quilts I will take time today to give updates on my progress. Like you I am just starting. So now I off to go find fabric.  Good way to use some of my stash.

OK it took me a few before I could start. We have had our coldest temp so far this winter (16) and I had to take care of "the girls" and the wild birds and such.
So I started looking.
 Now I have a sewing room which is small and also full and knew my container of Christmas fabric was not in there so I went to the spare room where I have put a few things (just a few).
Nope wasn't there so I went to the garage where I have a few tubs stacked.

Again just a few.

 Of course it is at the bottom of the stack in the middle behind the box of bottles

 OK I finally get it out and thank goodness did not hurt my back or anything else and I proceeded to open the container. It exploded, all this Christmas popped up.

 Now I have a good selection to pick from as you could tell and this is my choice.
 Red is background,
then from (left to right) dark , medium and light.
Now I need to start cutting.

But you would never knew I had removed over 5 yards of fabric.
And if you have reading my blog and think to yourself, she has a lot of projects going and starting.
 This is part of why, I really do need to just shop from my stash.
I feel I have way too much to be comfortable with.
Reminds me of the show the Hoarders. I'm like on the edge.
I do not want to be there, I already have the cats.
Updates will come later today.


I am now cut and ready. I can also put 5 yards on stash report tomorrow.
How about you, will you be ready too?

Till next time


  1. Gather your fabrics when you can, will be back to check in.

  2. Isn't this fab? Look forward to seeing what you choose, Kathleen!

  3. Welcome to the party. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide on. See you later.

  4. Hi, just popping up and say hello to the participants :) Happy sewing!!

  5. I guess if you're a hoarder, we're all hoarders! Honestly, we just love fabrics. Have fun with that beautiful fabric!

  6. This is going to look amazing.

    I also love the way you just store just a few things here and there (teehee)

  7. I love the idea of 'shopping from stash' - think of it as free quilting!

  8. I love your choices, and especially using a red background. I'm on a fabric diet myself and want to shop my own stash this year.

  9. Those colors are just lovely! I love how everyone has such different colors. The variety on this quilt is going to be wonderful!

  10. What festive colors, this is going to be a great quilt.

  11. It is fun to shop from our stashes. I really like the colors you selected.

  12. Your fabrics look fabulous all cut. It's going to make a great quilt.

  13. I used to store fabrics here, there, and everywhere. Then I dedicated a room to my sewing. Still, I have to look and look sometimes to find what I want.

  14. Thank you for coming to the Christmas QAL party, Kathleen - I've finished cutting my fabrics too ready for next Month - I'm looking forward to see you over at Joanna's then!


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