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Saturday, March 31, 2012

March NewFO

This is a pathetic start on my little houses. I had full intentions of trying to get caught up, because the is to make a house a day, total 365 or 366 (leap year)  and as you see I have 360 to go.
I am posting this because this was my New UFO for March and over at Cat Patches she has links to others who are posting a new start that they did this month.
I have been working hard on trying to finish some of my older UFO's and have been trying to resist starting a new thing. But as you can tell that doesn't last long.
Till next time


  1. Wonderful! I'm so glad you joined us this month. If you finish all your UFO's then where will you be? It's always good to plan ahead for that eventuality by having something new on hand!

  2. The little houses will catch up - I find doing 4-8 in a day rather than one a day is more productive to time. Stitch for the love of the process rather than the deadline - you will be much happier and more productive.

  3. Not pathetic at all, they are wonderful! This will be one of those projects you do in fits and starts. Whatever gets done is good and gravy and you're way ahead of someone who hasn't started them yet!


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