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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Poor Me, boo-whoo

Look how green and pretty it is starting to look, the temp. is 70 and calm, plus it is sunny. And what am I doing. Sitting in the house, feeling sorry for myself cause I would rather be outside in the garden then here near the phone because I do not want to miss a call from the satellite repair person. They were schedule between 8-12 this morning but here it is 1:15 and I'm still waiting. Did call twice to let me know they are running behind. Your saying, that's to be expected. So I'm having a little pity party.
Well I've cleaned, and cleaned and just tried of cleaning so I thought I would look up a few things on the computer. And lo and behold I came across a couple of sites on how to make a bag from an old T-shirt. You might of have seen this before but it's new to me. I like it. I had cleaned out part of my closet and had come across some old T-shirts. Perfect.
This is what I made in less than 20 minutes.
 This is from a child size small.

This is from an extra large adults.
You see the bag is big,
Big enough to carry all of this.

 This is a top, backing and the batting, ready to go to the quilter.

So you want to know how, easy-peasy.
 Find an old (or new) T-Shirt

 Cut the sleeves off.

 Now you want to make the opening at the neck larger. One site suggested a plate or large bowl as a guide. I thought the plate was too small for this shirt.

 So I found a platter, oblong in shape and bigger. I liked this.



 Now turn it inside out and sew the bottom of the shirt together. I used my serger but if you do not have one just sew on you sewing machine and do 2 stitch lines. That will help reinforce it.

 You can round them off.

 Or square.

 I like the rounded look myself.
Now your done.

 I did leave the collar on like one site said and this is what it looked like.
But after finishing the large T-shirt, I decided I would cut the collar off this one too.

OK, it's now 1:45pm and still no repairman.
This is starting to sink. Now what am I going to do. 
I'll see, until
Next time


  1. what fun bags, do you have a cordless phone you could bring with you outside?

    1. Yes I do but my veggie garden is past the range of the phone. And that is where i need to be.

  2. I was so glad to see your blue/purple Sugar Twist quilt picture! That is the next quilt I want to make.

  3. Those bags look quick and easy and would be good for the grandkids sleepover stuff. Thanks for the tip.


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