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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Playing Catch-up

I am now having to catch up on posting my UFO Challenge, OPAM and just sharing.
First I want to say I had a wonderful birthday with friends and family and wanted to thank everyone who sent their birthday greetings to me, thank you. That is what made the day special, and to think I am now 54 years young, it's just mind boggling. I guess I enjoy it so much my body decided I needed to get grounded and so now I have a head cold. Felt like poop yesterday. Better today, so now I have a list of things to do, so let's get started.

1.  I finished sewing my Hunter Star top, now done. 
This is #1 on my list.

 I used Deb Tucker's ruler Petite Rapid Fire Hunter Star. I made the 6" blocks (circled in green) and when you put 4 of those blocks together you get a 12" block (circled in red). This is what I had originally planned but once I did get it sewn together I going to think about maybe adding another row. I just don't know, I'll sleep on it.  

This month (March) UFO Challenge is # 8, that's my embroiderer Birdie Quilt. I get pictures of that and post in my next post.

Then for OPAM list I did get a few things done. It just seem like I did not get much done this month

 1. Knitted scarf is done in a netted fabric that was cut in 6" strip you can get that is rolled in a ball like yarn.
I made this while traveling to the show last week. This one and the next one. I really like this material use. I lost the label of this product to share. I'm going to go to the shop next week so I will give an update on the name, sorry.

 2. Knitted Scarf
 Very spring like are they not

3. This is a pincushion that was on Riley Blake's blog (her button is on the right side) that she is doing on a weekly pincushion. My first attempted, not bad. She has on there this week Chicken Pincushions. I'm going to try those next.

So this make 3 items for my OPAM.

Well I off to the sewing room and work on my recovery, that will make me feel better to get something done.


  1. Your quilt is just wonderful, love the knitted scarf!

  2. What a striking quilt! Love it.

  3. The scarves are very interesting. Nice and light for springtime!

    Very pretty quilt!

  4. Lots of pretty things, but I especially love the pincushion!! And that Hunter's Star is spectacular! Whoop whoop!!


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