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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Packing Again

I am packing again to go help work in my friend Pam's booth and this time we're going to Texas again.
Just not as far, we'll be at the Dallas show. Shorter drive, but the weather might be an issue. Hope not.
I'm packing and remember I  had decided a couple of days ago I needed to make myself a shoe bag. I have been using plastic grocery bags, nothing wrong with that but I had seen one in the book Some Kind of Wonderful.

 The cutest and looked easy enough. It was.... the hardest part was finding material to use

Now I can go finish packing. If you make it to the show, I would love it if you would come by the booth (Sager Creek Quilts from Siloam Springs)
 and say "Howdy".

Till Next time


  1. Hi Kathleen
    I'll be there too at Sew Graceful's booth. Maybe we can have dinner unless we are too tired.

  2. Have fun, Kathleen and Pam (and Kay). Kurt and I are going in the opposite direction - north. We'll be in Kansas City for a convention that Kurt is attending. I'm hoping to get out and hit a quilt shop or two while we're there.
    Debbi Moore

    1. Oh lots of good shops in KC area. My friend and I there a few weeks ago and helped the economy.


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