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Monday, March 5, 2012

What's Up Monday

This is what I had up on my design wall when I woke up,
and it is what I want to work on. I just have 2 houses and need to make a zillion more, you think I would have more since I am paper piecing them, they go together quickly plus I'm using up my endless pile of scraps

Then I am still trying to catch up on the QAL Some Kind of Wonderful I have  Dec - Feb appliqued and now they started March....NO PRESSURE
I need to finish embroidery in the blocks then assemble the strips together.

That means I am cutting 2" strips for sashing between the appliqued blocks.


So here is my THINGS TO DO LIST  for today

I'll  be back at the end of my day to show my accomplished tasks
Till later


  1. I love what is up on your design wall!!

  2. Your houses are just too cute. How many do you plan for your project? Certainly not a zillion! (WINK)

    I just love those jeans!


  3. enjoy putting all your pieces of the quilt together so far..........


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