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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some Really Good Days

I have had a couple of good and productive days here on the farm but they had little sewing involved. More in the way of getting ready for when the rain stops and I can get back out there in the garden 
So I started my sweet potatoes, I have wrote about how to start your own plants last year here.

 I did not plant my potatoes last weekend because I figure the weatherman could be right about the rain  we're to receive and they were right. We have had 8.5" in the past few days. So I'm getting my potatoes ready by laying them out in the light, this is called "chitting" or "greening". This will lead to a stronger plant, earlier harvest and heavier yield. What you do is a week or two before planting, spread  your seed potatoes in a shallow, open top box or I just used newspaper. Lay them in a warm spot that has bright light but not direct sun. The warmth will cause the eyes to sprout while the light keeps them stubby and less prone to breakage. You do not want to cut the tuber before chitting or the pieces will shrivel. I think egg shape tubers are perfect if you can find them that size.

I made a batch of laundry soap and for the recipe go here

Then I was able to get some pints of pinto beans canned. I had ran out and needed to have some more in the pantry. I also have some sweet potatoes left from last year that I need to get canned. Maybe tomorrow.

I also made some mozzarella cheese. I plan to post on how to make your own here in the future. It has been a while and wasn't sure if my rennet was still good but as you see it was. I had to replenish our yogurt supply so I did that yesterday.

 Finished this scarf.
Isn't it the prettiest.
 It was knitted with this yarn that was purchase at a yarn store in Claremore OK. I had a eye doctor appointment the other day and I figure I might as well go to the store since I was there and just had to get this one and a couple of other balls. Plus it was right next to nursery where I did purchase some rhubarb plants, strawberries and some herbs. 
Love the texture.

I have done very little sewing this week.
I thought with all this rain the past 4 days, that's all I would want to do.

 I made this months Stash Bee block

 I did get the Michele Hill BOM prepared for appliqueing.

 And finish another Birdie Stitches block.

 I did make a few more G-Diaper cloth inserts. My daughter is going with cloth diapers and I guess these G-Diapers are the newest thing, at least new to me. Seeing how she is having twins, she is going to need twice as many. They are very easy to make and there are a few sites out there where you can get directions and pattern if you need one. 
Then while doing nothing I would get online and see what else I could find.

I found this pattern at The Guardian.
I found some flannel in my stash, now I need to make some bias tape and I am ready to go.
Till next time


  1. I've always wanted to make mozzarella cheese.

  2. Just found from Sew Many Ways. You are one busy lady. Hope you tute us on making mozarella cheese. Didn't even know that could be done. I have you marked so I can check back. Thanks!!! Oh yes tell us how you can your beans!


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