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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gone MFB

I have been gone, Missing From Blogging, for a week now and boy what a week. 

I live about 55 miles east of Tulsa and in the pass week I have been to Tulsa 4 out of the past 7 days and on Saturday  "the man of the place " and I went on a day long road trip. Like I hadn't had enough traveling lately. So needless to say the two days I was home I was so busy trying to keep up on all the chores and cleaning around here, I didn't have time to blog. And that consists of more work because we are in a drought again this summer, but at least its not as bad as last year so far. But it means a lot more watering of the animals and plants, and "the girls" are bearing through it but it is rough on them. The biggest challenge is helping them stay cool. I do not have a misting system like some so I just make sure they have plenty of fresh cool water and a cool treat sometime in the afternoon.

She is so hot everything is droopy on her.
Then on top of that for the past 6 weeks I have a set of hens that have decided that they needed to brood, and no matter what I do they will not give it up. And to think they will stay in the hot stuffy hen house and sit on those nests. I don't get it. You would think they would do in the spring time. I think of spring time as the season of births and nicer, cooler weather.

 Except my Buffy  here decided last week she had had enough but then another hen took her place. Crazy birds 
I have 8 nesting boxes but when you have 22 hens and 3 of the boxes are occupied, the girls are patiently waiting for laying space.

 This old girl has been brooding the longest and boy let me tell you, an attitude goes with that look. Whats funny is that they go from nest to nest to lay on the eggs because I steal them everyday. But when I go to see if there any eggs to gather under them,  I have to wear leather gloves because she bites hard. This old girl is very protective of these eggs.

Then there is these two, they have been bunking together for the past few weeks. It's the funnest thing, I have moved one of them many times and the next time I check, there she is. And most of the time it's like the picture, all you see is her tail feathers.
Goofy birds. 
So that's a little of what is going on here on the farm and I just found out I need to go back to Tulsa tomorrow. Hopefully that will be it for a while.
Till next time


  1. Stay cool! We bought 1 mister at Home Dept for $8.00 and attach it to a hose where the girls hang out a lot, uses very little water. It keeps them a lot cooler. I've never seen a comb droop from heat, poor girl!!!

  2. sounds like you live close to some of my family - over the border into Arkansas - Bentonville/Rogers area. It can get tiring running into the city that often I think.

  3. My girls are looking a bit like yours are--hot and droopy. Here in La. the temps get into the high 90's. We have the chickens in a pen that has a high roof so the heat doesn't get trapped too badly, but it's still extremely hot. I thought they'd stop laying, but we're picking a dozen eggs daily from 16 hens. They are serious about their duties! Yours are very pretty....love those colors.

  4. I'm still waiting on my first egg from this new flock of hens which I got in March. It has been hot here in Calif. too around 100* but luckily the hen yard is in deep shade most of the day so the girls are not too stressed. I wet down the yard in the morning and put out a pan of water so they can wet their feet if they want and this seems to keep them cool. They do love those watermelon scraps!!


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