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Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Progress Cleaning

Well I don't know how much you pay attention to what I write or keep track of things I say I'll do but I try to be honest and follow through with what I write down. Ask my family they'll tell you I'm always writing down on my Thing To Do list on my clip board. I'm lost without it. So one of those tasks that I said I was going to do a while back was to clean out the freezers. You see I have 2, one large frost-free upright and one smaller upright that is not frost-free.

As you can see it really needed to be defrosted. In fact  those items in the freezer had been frosted over so bad, they were embedded in the frost and I could not get them out.
That is bad, and I am ashamed that I let it get away from me.
So when I started cleaning it out I found many bags of tomatoes that I had prepared with the intention of canning later. Well it's later, lot later. So I gather all the bags that were still good, 

did lose a couple to frost but to the most part had a good amount to work with. Since I had waited so long, I knew the taste would not be as fresh as I would want for just canned tomatoes so I decided to make Spaghetti Sauce.
I put all the tomatoes into my roaster and just started cooking them down on a low temp.

It took a while because I had to start and stop the batch many times. I have been on the go so much and to stay home long enough did not happen until yesterday. And this is my results for all those bags. 

Have 8 quarts of yummy spaghetti sauce. Now there is no meat added, so if I do want to add it, it will be at the time of cooking. Now I do not know if you know this but unfortunately it is not recommended to can homemade sauce. Now I know some will say they do but because tomatoes are a low acid food you normally have to add lemon juice to your tomatoes but because onions, garlic and other things are added it lowers the acid level even lower. So water bath is out of the question and I know if meat was added it could be canned in the pressure canner and I suppose some have tried just the sauce. So to be on the safe side I just freeze mine in my canning jars.
So there they sit in the nice defrosted freezer.

Then my cat Pete was out in the garage with a baby snake that he had caught. I just love how a cat has the need to bring you what they catch, at least he didn't try to bring in the house this time. Now I would of just freaked out if he tried. 

 Till next time


  1. I did not know you couldn't can tomato sauce, freezing is a good solution and now you have the space. Don't worry my freezer has certainly looked just like that at times.

  2. I've never used my canning jars in the freezer, I like that idea. And cleaning out the freezer is one of those jobs where you have to be home the whole day. I got mine done in May, but it had been 2 years since the last time. Ugh!


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