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Monday, July 23, 2012

What's up Monday

It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted my list and what I am working on. If I would only stay home some, I would get more done and as I write this, I'm off to Tulsa again later on today. We bought a new mattress and after almost a week of sleeping on it "the man of the place" find it a little too soft for his liking, so I'm off again to find a replacement.
What I have been working on is a Christmas stocking for one of the boys. My daughter loves snowmen and to go along with that I'm making each of the boys a stocking  that will have a snowman on it. This is the first one.

 I love working on this, not hard just a lot of time involved. But it will be something they could have all their life. I have to purchase another one of the other little dude. I haven't decided who is getting this one yet.

Then there is my to do list.
I do not have time right now to go over my last list I posted but I believe I was able to get most of it completed. I know this one looks long but I think is it manageable, so I'll do my best.
That's if I get to stay home more this week.
(It should say clothes not cloth.)
 Till next time


  1. Love the stocking...I have this kit in my stash.

  2. Your stocking is going to be cute but the headless snowman gave me pause for a minute there. :0 lol
    That list looks doable and since you are so determined I'm sure you'll get er done.


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