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Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to make a gnat trap

Yesterday while relaxing with "the man of the place" , he was watching Band of Brothers, I was on the my laptop just looking around when I came across this idea on someones board on Pinterest.  I thought it was Sarah Roe's board but I couldn't find it this morning when I went back. I should of pinned it, so I'm sorry I can't give credit to where credit is due.
It was such a simple idea I didn't think it would work but I had the few simple items needed and what could it hurt to give it a try.
I keep at time my harvested fruits and veggies on the counter and I also keep scraps and trimmings to put in the compost bin outside in a container on the counter next to the sink and no matter how well covered or sealed my container is, I still get these pesty bugs in my kitchen. YUK
I wish I knew how they show up ever year.

As you can barely see in this photo some of the over dozen gnats/fruit flies in the jar.

What you need is 
a sheet of newspaper
masking tape
1 quart jar
apple cider vinegar
a piece of banana 

What you do is put about a 1/2 inch of vinegar in jar with the piece of banana. Take the sheet of newspaper and roll it into a funnel shape. It will need to be big enough at the wide end that the fit is snug at the mouth of the jar. The pointed end should be close but not touching the vinegar. Tape all the edges of the funnel and you will also tape around the jar top where the newspaper touches, Make sure that there is no opening or cracks so the little pest can escape.

In a matter of a couple hours there they were, trapped inside the jar. 
For some reason they can find their way in but not be able to find their way out.
I haven't done this yet but according to the other site it was suggested to put the jar in the freezer and freeze the pest dead and then just put back on the counter. Suppose to be just as effective as in the beginning. I'll have to give an update on that part.

Till next time


  1. Thanks for this idea! I have no idea how these pests get inside, but come summer and they're everywhere! I try to keep my peelings, etc. carried to the compost bin after a meal, but still they're here. So, I'm definitely going to try this!


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