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Friday, July 1, 2016

Feels So Good

It sure feels so good to have a finished project. Well semi finished I have the top done at least. 

I finished constructing the Metro Twist this morning but not after having a few hiccups along the way. 

When in the process of putting the units together made a mistake as you can tell from this picture, can you see it. 

I constructed the block wrong. Had to get out the trustee seam ripper and reassemble. 

Then came along the second hiccup, major hiccup. This had to do with my sewing machine. I could sew along till when the seams all came together when my thread would break. I'd rethread, tried again and it would work until I got to the next congested point where all the seams meant. Sure enough break again. I put up with this for about 10 rethreads and just about pulled my hair out when I said the heck with this. 

So I unplugged the big expensive machine and put in my trusty old 1970s sears Kenmore. Sure enough that little workhorse just went through those intersections as it was just two single pieces of fabric. If it wasn't for the fact that it didn't have a needle down position I would never put this baby away. But when it comes to appliquéd and certain type of assembling I really do like that needle down position. But until I take this machine in and have it serviced, which I haven't done in a couple years, my little trustee Kenmore will remain in the Royal spot.

The finished size on my Metro Twist is 41.5 x 44.

 I decided no border I'm just going to back it and do some hand quilting in a big stitch on this one. 

I think it would look really cute with the large stitching done in the pearl cotton thread.

Now back to something I said earlier this week how I was just itching to start a new project well reality and my conscious got through  to me and it's back to trying to finish a couple of projects that are very close to the end. 

One is the Christmas wall hanging the Scandinavian Christmas. 

I'm appliquéing the heart on for the border and also doing The Crosstitch snowflakes. That will be one of my hand projects to do this month. 

My other goal is to finish this month is to make all the half square triangles for the "Words to Live By ". Once I have the center block finished appliquéd then it's just a matter of assembling that top.

So no matter how much I'm itching to start something new I need to just step back for a second and finish these two things this month, then it's on to something new.

I do have something new though I am dealing with. And that is replacing all the flooring in our home. Our home was built in 1980 and has all the original flooring....  carpet, tile and linoleum. So when I was in Tulsa this week I went by few places and picked up some samples to see how they look with my lighting and colors of my home. 

Most of the wood flooring samples are just too dark, my home is already pretty dark even with all the windows exposing the outdoor light. So I'm leaning towards the a more caramel colored wood flooring.

For the vinyl flooring, unless I can find another pattern that I like, these two right here just tickle my heart. The little hexagon ones for my bathroom and the little larger squares with that offset little dark squares for the kitchen and pantry area. I had thought about putting the wood flooring continuing from the dining room through the kitchen but I really do like the practicality of the vinyl in that area. I know tile is a good choice but I find it too hard and cold for my liking. 

And the carpeting we pretty well picked out which one we like the feel of. Now it's just a matter of getting a color that we can both agree on.
Like the 80's carpet underneath, it did hold up fairly well.


  1. Metro twist is gorgeous! I love the fabrics and the blocks are heavenly!

  2. What are the fabrics used on your metro twist quilt? I love their retro feel.

  3. I am so excited to see the Christmas wall hanging it is stunning, I don't think I have ever seen anything as beautiful.

  4. Congrats on getting Metro Twist into a finished flimsy. I love the colors in that project, very bright and fun. Good luck making your selections for the new flooring. We need to do that too.

  5. I love it...... It looks wonderful.....I have to make one for myself.......

    Goodluck with the flooring......


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