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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Love Sundays

I love Sunday for so many reasons and one is spending time with "The Man of the Place". We don't see enough of each other. 
A lot of our time is sitting and talking or watching movies or something, that's a great time for hand work.
Last night while watching the finale of Outlander I was working on this block.

By looking at it, it just didn't quite looked balanced, missing something. Oh crap, a set of berries.

Looked at the picture and sure enough I left them out, how can that be. Funny how we see what we think is correct.

That means I'll need to remove and move these pieces over to the right to make room for the berries I left out. 

Now I haven't done much ripping out of an appliqued piece, especially wool. Thank goodness the wool is of very good quality, very little stretch. 

Plus using Soft Fuse on this made it come off nicely and surprisingly I was able to refuse it down.

That is what I plan on doing today, working on this.

For those who don't know I'm having a giveaway to celebrate 5 years of blogging. I hope you will check it out and enter the drawing.
Here's a link

Thank you all for helping me by making me feel it's all worth it. I do wish I was a better typist or writer. But I have to say I now type with two hands and on average six fingers. Making progress.

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  1. So glad that you figured out your mistake and were able to fix it relatively easily. It was certainly hard to spot.

  2. The block looks fabulous... so many tiny circles to do!

  3. Mistake or not, your block is wonderful!

  4. You make it looks so easy, it was hard to spot your mistake. Lovely that you were able to spend quality time with your husband.

  5. Your block is beautiful! You had such a positive attitude about your mistake - one that I could barely see, by the way!

  6. Beautiful block. Glad the fix was a relatively easy one.


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