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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 2 & 3 on porch veggies

I meant to give an update last week but for some reason I can't stop writing about other stuff and kept putting off my update for week two. 

Have had tremendous success so far with my container garden on the back porch. I reseeded the lettuce and as you can see it's coming up and we now have a full pot baby lettuce. Need to start thinning out the first seedlings, not going to throw them away thou, I'm going to rinse them off and put them in my salad, it's having micro greens.

It's time to start also another batch of radishes. I seem to have a hard time with radishes. They come up but sometimes a portion of them do not bulb up. Need to look that up and find out why.

The eggplants has flowered

and now can see what looks like developing eggplant. 

The parsley it's coming up but see no signs of the chives germinating.

The tomatoes are getting big and blooming. Really surprised how well these volunteered tomatoes are doing.
Don't expect too many of them to set with baby tomatoes because it's been so blasted hot here and normally they will not set when the temperatures are this high.

The little zucchini is kind of spindly if you asked me, should get bigger, I'll just keep watching it.

Swiss chard and kale are up and haven't been really doing much but hoping here in the next week or will see a burst in growth.

 Herbs are doing fantastic, never had any problems with herbs in pots. The only time I had it when I either forgot to water them or overwatered them
And as far as lately seeing any signs of raccoons or other critters. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but it's been good. Would think so, after relocating 4 raccoons in one week. 
I do need to go out to the big garden though. The tomatoes and the sweet potatoes are doing wonderful and need to go to dig up my potatoes and plant some green beans. Have no canned green beans left so this year need to can a bunch.


  1. How wonderful, it all seems to be doing well and not so far to walk when you want a few bits and pieces for a meal.

  2. It is all doing pretty well isn't it! Hopefully you will soon have lots of yummy things to eat!

  3. Looks like you've had some nice success with your porch garden. Don't know if you've gotten those storms we have, but the rain has certainly kept things green here.


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