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Friday, July 8, 2016

Looking Like Something

Making some progress on this month goal. I trimmed up the appliqué blocks to 12 1/2 inches and started cutting the setting triangles that will be attached to the appliquéd blocks.

 I'm getting excited, it's starting to look like the quilt it's supposed to be.   

I've also started on prepping for the HST. I'm going to do the eight at a time method but I think I will do that but times 3.
 Marking this rectangle on the wrong side of the light fabric just like you would on the "8 at one time" but will add 2 more sections, 

off a little on the right, pay no attention to that, it will work out.
like so.
Not sure what I'll get done today seeing how I need to go back to Tulsa and drop off some wood and carpet samples that I had picked up on Wednesday. We've narrowed it down to a couple choices for wood. The carpet it's just a matter of getting the right color we like. 
So I'm trying to work quickly on the quilt top because when it comes time to start laying the flooring my sewing room will be dismantled and moved.
Not sure when that will happen. Don't know how quickly they can come out and lay the carpet but the carpet will be the last thing to be replaced. First will do the vinyl flooring and then will do the wood flooring and then the carpet.
Could be this month or sometime next month. Also next month the

 "little dudes" are going to be here for a visit. Were so excited since it's been almost 2 years since the last time they have been here. Don't know if all of the installation of the flooring will be in before they come. If not, we'll work around it.

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  1. It is starting to come together. It's always fun to see a quilt start to come together on the design wall. Hope you get in a bit more stitching this weekend.


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