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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What's up 07.05.16

What's up is all good. 

I did complete the hearts and cross stitched snowflakes, made the border and attached it to the top. 

Can now say that I am one step closer to having this up on the wall for Christmas this year.

Need to locate a backing so I can start quilting on this, was done in a big stitch using the embroidery floss, using whats on the snowflakes

Now it's onto "Words to Live By". 

I've been writing the words on the blocks. It took me a while to decide whether or not I wanted the words but they are so nicely written and when I did a practice word I decided that it wasn't to obstructive.

And while doing the words on the blocks I realize that some of the blocks had not been completed with any embroidery accents

Put them aside in a pile so I could be working on those while watching TV.
I decided also on which method I'm going to use on the HST. Seeing how it's the border that mainly has all these half square triangles, which needs to be I feel on the straight of grain, less stretch from the weight of this quilt. So I'm going to go with the eight at one time method
It should be at a good diverse collection doing it that way also.

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  1. Love your Christmas quilt! It's gorgeous, just perfect for the holidays. Your Words to Live by is coming along beautifully too.

  2. LOVE the Scandinavian Christmas quilt, it just keeps getting better and better.

  3. AH! another lover of applique. I love all your projects. Pretty, pretty quilts!

  4. The Christmas quilt is so pretty and I just adore the hearts border!!!

  5. So many details to study here. Great quilt.

  6. Your wall hanging is so adorable! So many pretty details.

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely Scandinavian Christmas quilt. It is coming along nicely. I love the little churn dash blocks. Thanks for linking up with last week's TGIFF.


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